August 30, 2008

Episode 22: We Know Too Much About Rugrats

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The title of this episode comes from the startling truth that Wingzrow and I discovered while recording this episode. If your a part of the generation that watched Rugrats, it should happen to you as well eventually. This is never mentioned in the episode however because we're reviewing Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter and Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann.

In This Episode...Adventure Time!...The Animated Series?

Failed Experiment of A Game

And Robutts

Also Um...

You Didn't See This Here.


mamo said...

guys i really enjoyed the this podcast , i liked the gurren lagann part more since i was never a fan of dragon quarter .
yeah so GL , man this anime as you guys said , it keeps building this hope in you that some new mecha will join the team but no , whats even funny is that they immediately die in the next scene XD . CRUSH YOU HOPES should be the name of the anime. over all i loved it alot , specially the animation . did you notice how they kept the OLD SCHOOL mazinger explosions , now that was nice.

i am leaving a comment like you guys want to , i may not comment or send emails but i look forward every week for the new podcast.
you guys rock and keep em comin , alos if this will make you feel any better but I THINK YOUR THE BEST GAME/ANIME/CARTOON PODCAST OUT THERE .

Wingzrow said...

Well to be fair, the conectoweb was here first, so it's not like it needed another animation/videogame podcast.

And walking away with your back turned to your enemy as they EXPLODE is always a welcome part of any show i watch. Sometimes a NECESSARY part.

PS: i'm the only person in the world that enjoyed and finished dragon quarter 100% through.

RIP: Breath of fire

4/3/93 - 10/28/03