November 24, 2008

Episode 29: We're Never Watching Garfield Again

Hey guys! It's our Halloween speci...uhhh...woops.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Oh. We review the Garfield Halloween Special and Mother 3(Earthbound...2?).


November 9, 2008

So Very VERY Tired

Just an update on the status on the site. Yeah, were still doing the podcast. When we can, and god willing, you should get another one around the 15th or so. Phil's been very busy animating so it's been hard to set up a day where we can do one. And me? Well, I've been very, VERY lazy.

To fill the gap between podcasts I'm going to throw out a few ideas that Ive had for a little while and ask if you think any would be good. Would anyone out there be interested in a mini review or something with me ranting and raving for around 30 minutes every week to fill the gap between podcasts? I could also answer questions you guys submit in the comments section and e-mails so maybe I can combine the two.

If you have any questions you want answered on either the podcast or whatever the hell this Frankenstein project is that i'm working on, please, e-mail us at:, or E-mail me directly at

Phone Call From the President Mr. Wingzrow: Kid's don't let them fancy animes with their pan the character across the screen for 30 minutes and two mouth lip sync fool you. Animation is hard.

Thank you,