August 9, 2008

Episode 19: Setting Myself On Fire To Not Play Persona 3

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Oh boy! Rumiko Takahashis' Fire Tripper and Persona 3! Two things I don't like. How will Wingzrow and I be able to review these abysmal works? One word: anger.


Randy Kasugano said...

Great review for Persona 3.
My goodness, I hated it soooo much.

I don't understand how it got those good reviews.

mamo said...

ummm i do not really agree to how you guys feel bout persona 3 but its jus tastes . i really thought the game had some original ideas , and i know that the actual battles is not noticeable they come every 2 or 3 days and last for like 3 or 4 floors and characters get tired . but meh every game got its flaws , you see alot of peeps loving the game and alot hating it . lol its like this guy i met online who said SF 4 suck .
i like listening to you guys but i jsu hated it when you flamed persona lol so i had to leave a comment.
anywayz , if you guys want some subjects to talk bout then , how bout discussing 2008 being the fan service year anime wise =_=

thank you for reading this far and for making this lovely podcast ^__^ you guys rock

Randy Kasugano said...

Dating sims.
only 3 hours worth of actual gameplay which was boring anyways.

Its only good if you never played a game in your life

mamo said...
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mamo said...

to be honest i disagree , the game is basically not that bad , but its not perfect either. you guys did mention some of the things that really still piss me off in that game , like death and how some times after like an hour of tartarus game play you might get killed by some lucky critical hit and lose that whole hour of intense leveling up. but still its a nice game to try . its a matter of taste really in the end.
and umm no you guys you can always review stuff like that , i am not mad or anythin but i jus did not get the hate for the game? , anywayz i love you guys alot and i listen to you every week. heh some times i feel like i am sitting with you discussing stuff ^_^;
btw this comment is made after listening to podcast no. 21

Wingzrow said...

Hate is a very strong word but yeah, i didn't not like this game aside from a few things.

Ive already said i didn't like it and that's mostly up to taste but as a game engine it's not terrible. So much wasted potential on what could have been a great game though.

Being rewarded in the dating sim part of the game for doing well in the dungeons would have helped a bit. It's all so one sided.