April 25, 2008

Episode 5: The Podcast That Transcended Racism!

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This week, one of the things were discussing is awesome, the other goes from awesome to crap to ok to ehh. Tune in for the Mobile Fighter G Gundam and Mega Man podcast. Also a lot of ranting.

Vyce And Aika In Valkyria Chronicles

On one hand i'm happy to see sega hasn't forgotten about Skies of Arcadia, but on the other hand i hate them SOOO much for not making a sequel, and putting this cameo on a system i don't own >_<. WHERE"S MY SEQUEL SEGA?! You said there would be a sequel!

April 24, 2008

Capcom Fixing Okami Wii Box Art Mistake

For any of you who own okami for wii, take a look at it. Closer...CLOSER! There's an ign.com symbol they forgot to take out! Well, me and many other people who bought the game, or who just like to complain, made their voices heard. Capcom has responded VERY quick and the box art fix is on the way. Now you can not ONLY get the same box art again but without the ign symbol and crappy red review mark ( why do companies STILL do this? ) but you can choose from two other MUCH better game cover sleeves instead as well! I've already ordered mine, how about you?

PS: it's free


April 23, 2008

Earthworm Jim - New Game, Movie, and Series

From gamasutra.com

"Following recent news that it would be bringing Earthworm Jim to Virtual Console, Interplay has announced it is partnering with franchise creator Doug TenNapel to revive the brand with a new game, cartoon and film.

No details of the new game, currently titled Earthworm Jim 4 were given, but Interplay says TenNapel -- who was also behind critical hits like The Neverhood -- will serve as a creative consultant for the game.

The company also says TenNapel will be developing a new animated series, following an earlier series that ran on The Kids WB! for two seasons, as well as a feature film.

As earlier reported, CEO Herve Caen has said Interplay is undergoing a campaign to utilize its "unique intellectual property, and low debt and operational costs" through initiatives like the Virtual Console releases to "pursue financing for our various projects," which, along with this new Earthworm Jim title, include its planned Fallout-based MMO."



Currently this is a Ps3 and Xbox 360 only release.

April 22, 2008

Show Notes

Within the shows we have done so far; we have continuously given references to several sites people just might not know about. So here are some fancypanced links.
Nerd Armada
Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson
Wingzrow if you have any other links, be my guest to edit this post.

EDIT from wingzrow" sure

http://www.snk-capcom.com/forums/ ( forums i frequent )
www.gonintendo.com ( much of my nintendo news comes from here )

April 20, 2008

Grand Theft Auto For Nes


See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

April 19, 2008

Sonic Homebrew Games Lookin Good

So i apparently some guys out there on the conectowebs are developing a new sonic game with sprites from all the older 2d sonic games. And it looks good, it looks DAMN good. Why does it take someone making a new 2d sonic game to get me interested in the series again?

Episode 4: Hands Off My Ouendan You Taco Nazi!

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Episode four! Featuring Duck Tales The Movie:Treasure of the Lost Lamp, Ouendan, and a special guest appearance by Rip Taylor!

April 17, 2008

Living Up To Our Namesake

Seeing as we've had little discussion about the one true thing in the world, giant robots, and because we happen to be named after a little old technique from such superdeduper robots; I've decided we need a post on Animetal. What is Animetal you ask?

I often wonder why someone would call a robot Combattler V. IT'S ALREADY A GIANT ROBOT. YOU CALL IT THIS AS IF WE DON'T KNOW WHAT IT DOES.

Whenever I think of Zambot, I think of Zazbot, the anime about a robot run by beatniks.

Good day to you Mazinger Z

Animetal; making giant robots even more rocking then they already are.

April 15, 2008

Frankensteins Monster Vs. Power Rangers

The greatest Power Rangers fight of all time, I can't stop laughing at how badly they get beaten by Frankenstein's monster. What if they didn't have the power staff I wonder?

Nintendo Wii Homebrew Finally Gets My Attention

BEHOLD! The future of Wii gaming! It's about damn time someone got off they're ass and contributed something worthwhile to the Wii Homebrew community. One step closer to the whole woman.

April 14, 2008

Episode 3: Boxes, Boxes, Boxes!

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In our tres and third episode, we talk about our excitement for Cars 2 and the video games of Treasure (One of these is an ironic excitement). We also review the anime Kaiji and the video game Silent Hill 2.

You said it Kaiji!

April 4, 2008

Episode 2: Podcast Harder

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In this fantasmagorie episode of goodness: We have Fancy News, Chowder, and No More Heroes. There are still heroes out there, you, the listener.