December 12, 2008

Rocket Punch? 29.5

Avenger and I sit down around the worst mic ever and somehow piece together a podcast. Gaming topics abound: Sonic Unleashed, Chrono Trigger DS, and Resident Evil Degeneration among them.

Hopefully this will be an ongoing thing and we will have a better set up next time.

Download link here



Phil said...

Hey Wingzrow. If you can show me the links for where you uploaded this I can make this episode downloadable.
Also you put up this episode just in time, I just ended the semester TODAY.

Jamaal said...

I've waited so long and yet I cannot download the episode! Please fix this, Phil!

Wingzrow said...

Fixed, I put up a link for you. just copy it into your address bar.

And for the record that was my fault. Avenger and i pulled this together without ever doing this before.

Louis said...

Hey there was nothing wrong with the mic. We weren't using it the right way.

Tizoc said...

In the future in Chrono Trigger, after using the healing pod thingies, the text just states that your characters are 'still hungry as they were before'.
I'd agree that the extra text was unnecessary, it kinda made it less funny than the original text usually just skip this text so it shouldn't much of a problem.

Glad you mentioned Sonic Unleashed, that game needs more word spread about it.