September 8, 2008

Episode 23: Rocket Lunch

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Pinocchio in Outer Space (1965) and Shadow of Destiny (2001). Hey guys remember that time Pinocchio went to outer space? And there were GIANT CRABS AND DINOSAURS? Also there's the dullest giant dinosaur fight ever. We also talk about the complex world of Shadow of Destiny. Note: This podcast is spoilerific, so be forewarned.

WINGZROW SAYS: And here's that scene from the Disney adaptation of Pinocchio that still scares me to this day.

1 comment:

mamo said...

i did not listen to the podcast yet but i have one thin to say bout this Pinocchio video you posted . i have not really watch the movie before but THIS IS THE SCARIEST CARTOON MOMENT IN MY LIFE @_@